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I have had a CEL on for a year now on a 2004 D2. It is a P0150 O2 Sensor circuit, Bank 2 Sensor 1
I have changed all the O2 Sensors, and that specific one twice. I have cleaned the MAF sensor, I thoroughly cleaned the connector on that sensor as I had read they are sometimes a problem. It really seems to be electrical as once I clear the code it comes back on in less the 10 miles...that's not even long enough for a computer diagnostic drive cycle. I could not find in the rave manual how to ring out the connector to see if there is even voltage being supplied to that device...I would need to know what are the various pin voltages and under what conditions should there be voltage or not.Someone here said just replace the harness,OMG, that would be a nightmare ! It is now become an issue as I cannot pass emissions inspection....any thoughts?? Thanks

Tom Schaffer

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