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My apologies if this question has been posted before but I can't seem to see an answer when I search for it.

We recently bought a secondhand Discovery 4 3.0 TD/SD V6 SE- 2009 model (hope that is sufficient information). We have the option on the dashboard and the display to connect a phone. When I push the Phone button I get phone not fitted error. What I am trying to find out then, is how do I connect the phone. Tried USB it won't connect. I would have presumed it has Bluetooth? But it does not even give me the option to connect via Bluetooth if I search for it. When I phoned the LandRover dealership here I was told that there is no Bluetooth in this model - which I cannot believe?

How do I check whether there is Bluetooth (it does not pic up when I scan for Bluetooth) or how do I connect a phone to the vehicle?

thanks in advance.
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