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04 Discovery SE7 - with a "premium Pioneer Audio System"

After a couple months of driving this truck, i had changed the station from NPR for FM, and it was suddenly incredibly apparent; it had no bass to the audio system whatsoever. Not terrible, but just enough that once I noticed it was so hard NOT to notice.

I started reading for any scrap of forum thread anyone else had attempted to upgrade or address the audio, the rear door subs, the lack of bass, ect. Ive had Disco's in the past where Ive went all out in custom - this one I feel like keeping close to stock - so the HK sound some these trucks came with I wanted to try & seemed like a plug n play, so in theory using same wiring harness, mounting structure.
Then the lack of info I found simply encouraged me to want to execute this for myself.

Heres what I found:

No problem. For 150$ the truck audio sounds MUCH better. Its not Bose Symphony noise canceling headphones; but with an afternoon and a coffee - I couldn't be more happy with this upgrade. The Sound distribution from the HK amp is a night and day difference from the click of the plug into the amp.

The "ICE" ( In Car Entertainment ) system is explained in the rave.
The wiring Diagram from The Rave Manual here

A previous thread attempt providing Crutchfield's wiring harness diagram;
2003-2004 Land Rover Discovery with Harmon Kardon Wiring Information

2003-2004 Land Rover Discovery with Alpine Wiring Information

A guy with a Rover Salvage yard; Ive been using a guy in Ohio - which I'm very happy to recommend -
Rounded me up the front & rear door speakers branded HK from a D2 with the amp

First plugged in the amp - I heard various concerns that the Amp would not be supported. This is false. The Amp plugs in without a problem - perfectly. And the sound distribution with the highs and lows is immediately apparent with the crummy pioneer speakers.

I had the HK speakers given to me with the pigtail clips from each speaker incase I needed to wire them in. This proved very helpful with the lower door speakers, as the female clips from Pinoeer to HK are different. The wiring harness colors are all the same in both truck layouts - so this made it very easy to simply snip and re connect with wires with some tube connectors. ( I used heat shrink sealable ) *The HK system uses a heavier gage wire throughout the truck; but since I personally am not listening to live concerts inside the vehicle - this was ok for me.

All the upper door "High's" / front Tweeters I found use the same female receiving clip; however the pins in the connection were in different orientation. I used an all - (actually i used the point on a test light I had handy) to simply pop the clamp clip hinging at the middle and depressed the slider clips soddrered to the end of the wire - and the wires backed right out. Its clear to see the pin color orientation in from the pigtail of the HK, slid the wires back into original female clip - and the HK speakers plugged right in.

I found it kinda cool to hear the difference in the audio as i confirmed the working of each door speaker as i went. The quality or the HK - or maybe better put, the lack of quality of the pioneer in comparison - was wild. its like listening to your favorite song on a walkman - then coming home and listening to it on the stereo at home. it can't not make you laugh. The lows are MUCH more pronounced. and the Highs are dramatically cleaner.

Door Panel Stud, These are handy. And at 60 cents delivered to your door, also much more satisfying then visiting a pep boys and having the guy go from "oh yes of course we have those" to "oh Land Rover? no were not going to have anything that will work for that sorry"

And Finally the rear door woofers:

I had actually made this update just previous to the HK setup - I read a lot, and was confirmed by salvage spots the rubber around the HK woofers didn't ever hold up. So pre changing system, I thought i had nothing to loose to replace the paper woofers of the pioneer - as there was virtually zero bass from them.

I found people suggesting the Pyramid W64s woofers at 30$ delivered was a reasonable risk I could have seen for myself if they packed any more punch then the pioneers. As Advertised. nothing special - the mounting arrangement was right on in the sense that the door trim goes back together stock. the Magnet in the back IS slightly larger for a small amount of trimming was necessary. Infact I think used 4" carbide angle grinder & trimmed about 1/2" around a section of the opening to make a correct fit.

The HK amp distributed the bass to the read door speakers with more emphasis then the pioneer - so when I initially replaced the pioneer to the Pyrimid speakers I was hoping for a decent fix all - and they pretty much didnt make any difference. However once I had the HK amp installed with the door speakers - this 30$ upgrade proved to be an excellent alternative.

All in all - I'm very happy with it.
Nothing special but a big enough difference that it an afternoon, that coffee, and some wire crimpers was for sure worth it for me.
Stock look & improved sound.

Ive also installed a GROM blu tooth a cpl months ago - just the plain jane one. just unplugs my CD shanged from the head unit & this little box chills behind my radio when I hop into the truck it automatically connects to my iPhone. Works with all steering buttons & keeps stock look with stock head unit providing modern technology. A Grom unit & an ultra gage OBDII display i think will be a must install on Discos to come.

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