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Welcom to the forum

Sooper Cooper-hi from another brit who frequents this forum. There are no borders or boundaries here, just a common fondness of all green oval products. So come on then, where did you get your name from? And what Landrover do you have?


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Sorry people, I posted then noticed from most the posts it was people located in America, and my google search wasn't just a UK search. I normal frequent Mini forums which are worldwide - so maybe I was a bit short-sighted!

I'll edit the title appropriately, here are the details again...

# Sept 1998 'S' Reg Discovery 2.5 TDi GS 7 Seater
# Epson Green
# Approx 118k
# Full Land Rover service history, serviced every 6k
# Land Rover owned plus my father (bought with 12k miles on at 15 months old) and have owned it since April 2000.
# Very good condition for age and mileage, there are a few odd bits of rust which is to expected for near 7 year old car.
# Tow bar - used once by us for small trailer
# Electric Windows
# Twin Sunroofs
# Radio Cassette
# Tinted glass behind B pillar
# Tyres in good condition all round
# MOT July 2006
# Tax March 2006

Located: Northamptonshire, UK

We're look for around £7500 UKP

A link to a few pics;


Apologies again, and thanks.
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