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Please Someone tell me how to get my 97 Land Rover Out of anti-theft mode..

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Earlier this week was the first time my 97 Land Rover Discovery had ever gone in anti-theft mode and now I'm left without a way to go. I have gone through a manual that came with the vehicle, asked others about it, read up on it, but unfortunately, I don't what to do. I only have two keys that came with it, the driver side door lock is broken, I have no clue what to do because I have tried so many things but all it does is turn on, tries to turn over, but its acting like it's not getting any gas to crank up. Does anyone know or have dealt with a situation similar to mine that has any advice on this?? I'm open to any suggestions and if anyone can please help me solve this problem so my Land Rover will be fully functional again.
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