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Land Rover has launchesd an initiative that allows budding adventurers of all ages to have on and off-road fun, wherever they go, with a mobile telephone game called Range Rover Sport Tourer.

The company is making its entry into the world of mobile communications and entertainment in partnership with Blue Sphere Games Ltd., the company behind Java™ mobile telephone games and services. Range Rover Sport Tourer, the first product of this
partnership, is now available through selected network operators.

Phil Popham Land Rover UK managing director commented: "The Range Rover Sport is the best-performing and best-handling vehicle that Land Rover has ever built. We call it a 'Sports Tourer' – reflecting its ability to effortlessly cover long journeys quickly and comfortably, yet with exhilarating performance. This new game demonstrates these skills
in a fun and accessible format, and quite literally illustrates our 'go-anywhere' attributes."

In playing Range Rover Sport Tourer the mobile user drives the Range Rover Sport Supercharged on a grand tour of some of the world's most famous and remote landmarks, including Uluru in Australia and Mount Rushmore in the USA. The race is against the clock to reach the end of the tour quickly and without getting lost. Valuable points are also
available for photographs taken on each trip, together with the other point-scoring factor – vehicles overtaken.

David Bozward, Chairman of Blue Sphere Games Ltd says: “The alliance with Land Rover is a great collaboration for Blue Sphere Games. We will create a complete portfolio of Land Rover titles for our distribution partners worldwide and we are looking forward to bringing the Land Rover adventure brand to mobile users everywhere.”

The Range Rover Sport Tourer game is available to download via selected mobile phone networks and other specialist outlets. Download charges may vary according to each network.



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I wish someone would just develop a badass 4x4 game for either pc, ps2/3, or xbox/xbox360 consoles.
And in that game have the Defender 90/110's Range Rover Classic/P38/MKIII/and Sports, and also the D1/D2 Discos. That's only 8 trucks, and some games have upwards of 20-50 cars depending on the game etc... I think someone could swing that.

But the game needs more than racing, it needs adventure, and "free-roaming" map so we can try to climb any hill, etc in the game that we want to.
A winch option would be nice too.
Obviously you can tell I've been thinking about this for a while.

If anyone's seen it, or played it before, a similar version of what I'm talking about was developed for pc years ago. It was/is called "Screamer 4x4."
I think you can buy a copy off It had landcruisers and jeeps, and had one Defender. I've only played the demo which you can find on the internet every now and then.
But the detail attempted in the game is great.
Free roaming boards, timed trail challanges, manuallly operated lockable diffs front,rear,center, operate the lights, high and low range, pick your tires, suspension, engine...
It was a great idea, someone just needs to replicate it and throw a bunch of Land Rovers in there. If they threw some jp's and landcruisers in there, I'm sure the game would appeal to many young and older alike.

Sorry for the long post, but check it out and you'll see where I'm come'n from.
You can google "Screamer 4x4 demo download" and find a place to download.

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Something like a grank theft auto mixed with something like Hallo2 . Hallo has some crazy hills and stuff like that . Grand Theft auto , you can walk around steel cars etc.. Oh even shoot people .

Oh yeah , the 4x4 game can be mixed with hunting . just so you can shoot something :lol .

Yeah . I think we should sugjest the idea to the Xbox makers of the Hallo2 . and to Playstation .

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I've been thinking that for a few years too......have tried all the 4x4 Playstation games and didn't really like any of them.

On the Jeep website, they have a section with Jeep Games...of course, I know they are trying to market to the younger, less luxurious crowd, but it's certainly fun! Wish LR would put out some things like that.... :drive:

Here's the link. The mountain adventure is fun, but I couldn't download it on this computer... :mad:

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The game sounds cute, but Phil's statement commented: "The Range Rover Sport is the best-performing and best-handling vehicle that Land Rover has ever built."

This is so untrue, it's sad. The RRS, while a great looking and fine highway touring SUV, is the POOREST performer off-road that LR has ever built. Sure, first time LR owners think it's tops, but they never owned & drove Defenders or Discos in challenging of road conditions. He is such a marketing man! Probably the same person who decided to equip the RRS's with 19" minimum wheels. Off-road? It's a joke compared to the rich history this company has.
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