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My '95 D1 w/ 85K miles on it has suddenly developed a noise in the steering box. When I turn a slow speeds or when stationary i get a noise from the steering box. I can also feel it very slightly. It makes a "pop" particuarly when I make a slow turn to either side at an intersection. I do not notice it above slow city speeds. It is very noticable when starting from a stop and turning. It only pops once when moving. If I turn the wheel whe it is stationary it may pop and or make noise similar to noisy springs. It is coming from the base of the steering box and not the ball joints from what i can tell at present after being under the vehicle. Am I in for a new steering box? Any short term fixes that will prolong the life and once they begin with this? How much life can I expect with the unit? I really hate to have to replace the unit but.... Any other thoughts on the culprit?

Thanks in advance!
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