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We are running a sale on some of the Hot items from this years Overland EXPO

Lucky8 Soft Shackle
As seen during the recovery demos at the expo the Soft Shackle provides recovery points you never knew existed on your vehicle. You can link them together, they float, but best of all they way next to nothing. $27 and free shipping

The best place to start modifying your truck is the suspension, and what a better way to do that then with a Terrafirma 2in MD lift kit. $478

Rooftop Tent
$1388 and FREE shipping

See the tent in action

The new Monster winch
The new case on these winches looks amazing and they all come with haws fairleads and a combo plug in / wireless remote with built in LED light.
9.5k winch with synthetic line $699
Lucky8 Llc. - Take the road less traveled...
12k winch with synthetic line $799
Lucky8 Llc. - Take the road less traveled...

On the desk overviews

Front Runner
We could not keep these chairs in stock at the expo. In fact they were in such demand people bought the ones that we had been using.
Chairs $45 each

Free shipping on any Slimline Roof rack! Ok it is always free shipping on the Front Runner racks. How about an aditional $100 off of any Slim line roof rack. You saw them at the show now get one on your truck.
If you want a non rover rack please Email or Pm me and I will see if I can match this deal.

Slim line on Project P38

Oz tent

Oztents are quite possibly the greatest tents in the world, you saw them at the Expo and now is the time to get your own. Take $100 off any RV series tent.
We don't just sell them we live in them

Here's a quick breakdown on the sale pricing
RV1 $649
RV2 $699
RV3 $799
RV4 $899
RV5 $999

Please PM or Email if you have any questions
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