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4 Qts of PS fluid needed for the job.
1 Qt Lucas PS Conditioner

1) On top of the power steering pump there is a bleed screw like the brakes have, but pointing straight up. You can remove the air box and air inlet hose/MAF if you would like to get down to the PS bleed screw easier. It is pretty much directly under the MAF sensor on top of the PS pump. The bleed screw originally had a protective plastic/rubber cap on it, remove it to get to the bleed screw opening. Mine crumbled when I removed mine, yours may be gone, or maybe not.

2) Put a piece of plastic tubing sized to fit over the bleed screw portion that is not the nut, but the portion that sticks out from the nut. Clear tubing is nice so you can see what is draining as it drains. Direct the tubing down to a drain pan, or just go without it and put the drain pain below and expect some spillage as the pump drains. Have your new PS fluid of choice ready.

3) Open the bleed screw a small amount slowly with engine running and PS pump should begin to drain. Small hex head nut, on the bleed screw, I am thinking 10mm, but it may be a little bigger. Open-end spanner wrench can be used here.

4)Have a helper turning steering wheel slowly completely to left and then completely to right, back and forth during the draining refilling process to move PS fluid throughout the PS system. If you open the bleed screw too much it will shoot up like Ole Faithful!

5)As the PS fluid drains, the reservoir level will become lower. Pour new fluid in PS reservoir. Do not let it get too low before adding fluid. I try not to let it get below 1/2 empty, just to be safe.

6) Once you see fresh colored fluid draining, rather than the old dirty brown, you have refreshed all the fluid and can tighten the bleed screw down.

Also, recommended to add a can of Lucas PS conditioner as part of the refill fluid to help lube the seals in the PS system. I put the Lucas in as qt. 2 or 3 to make sure as I drain that when the new fluid starts to drain to show that I am done, I do not lose any Lucas additive. Top off PS to fill line, and done.

Alternative method:
1) Take a plastic turkey baster and suck the old fluid out of the PS reservoir to almost empty
2) Top off with new PS fluid
3) Run for a day or two, then do this again, and maybe again until you get fresh colored PS fluid. This seems easier, but is not as good IMO, and draining the PS pump only takes a few minutes on the D2.
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