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My Power steering pump has failed - I'm on another planet (outback Australia) where parts for my Land Rover are rare!

I drive the 4.0 litre Series 3 (2006) - which has no pumps available.

But for the 4.4 litre version, I can buy cheap pumps from all over the world!

So what's the difference?

Can I use a Power Steering pump for a 4.4 litre with my 4.0?

Here are the part numbers:
QVB500380 for 4.0 Litre Discovery
QVB500390 for 4.4 Litre Discovery

Cardone make a non genuine PS pump 21-307 that is right for my car - but it is also out of stock!

I have asked them if they have superseded it with anything else...but they have not answered my inquiry.

Can anyone please help?

Really appreciate your guidance.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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