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'04 DII (170k) - replaced power steering pump; used Prestone PS fluid. I turned the pump by hand until fluid came out the high pressure port before connecting hoses and running engine. New pump started whining immediately (not loud, but definitely noticeable) but steering worked ok. After a week, pump whining has gotten louder (especially when cold) and steering is getting harder. Called British Atlantic and was told I was using wrong fluid and had probably ruined the new pump. They said I MUST use Pentosin hydraulic fluid. The manual calls for Texaco Cold Climate PSF 14315
What's the real story?
Did this Prestone fluid ruin the new pump?
Should I change out the fluid?
Can you still get the Texaco PS fluid listed in the owner's manual?
Did I get a bad pump from BA?

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Years ago, I replaced a PAS pump for a clients with an extended warranty.

The warranty company would only pay for Dexron ATF...

Ever since, I've used Dexron as PAS fluid in DIIs and there are hundreds of them running around that I've used Dexron III in.

If you look in the owner's manual for early P38s with the Motronics EMS, they say that you can use Dexron as well.
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