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Power uphill/Stereo

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I drove up to Grass Valley, CA the other day, and my 99 Disco had some serious trouble getting up the hill on the highways. I wouldn't say these hills are all that steep, and I was wondering if the acceleration problems were just because of the weight of the vehicle, or do I have a problem that can be fixed. I mean this thing is a V8, and shouldn't have much trouble accelerating on hills, should it?

Also, what suggestions do you have for stereo systems? I want to get something that's more powerful and has more response with bass. I was thinking a 10"-12" subwoofer and a somewhat powerful amp in the back. I want something that can be removed if I need to load up the back, but I also thought I could put some new speakers in the side compartments in the back. What do you think? Thanks.
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Andrew, you should be able to ride the hills with more power than you describe. Has the timing been fiddled with lately? If not, I suggest that your due for new plugs.
With regards to your speaker question, here's another idea (my AMP is under the drivers seat).
Hey Dent! How's the ICE HOCKEY season look for this year. Has the Player/Owner thing been resolved? How's you knitting coming on? :D
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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