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Power Windows and power Sunroofs do not Work

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I have tried to hunt down the problem and still no luck some times it worked for a few then stopped and now they don't work

I was told to check for relays there are many yellow relays r6j2 AND ONE GREEN one r6h1 i found but i don't know if these are window control relays How do I find this i bought this land rover knowing it had window problem
but i thought i could fix it some times i did some times they stopped

Land rover discovery 1997
any help greatly needed I am new here as well .

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Sounds like ecu's to me. There's a bunch of right ups on these. Do a google search rear window and sunroof ecu, and there's a few post with pics, that show you exactly where to look for bad spot, and you can put a drop of solder on those spots and it will work as good as new. The window ecu is behind glove box and sunroof ecu is behind the control buttons.
as far as the sun roofs go I'd just tape them down and forget they open, fixed or not there will come a day when the rain finds its way past the seals then it destroys your headliner, leaves moisture in the cabin lights and it destroys the lamination on your rear view mirror not to mention it can do a number on your radio head unit and leather. and you and any one who rides with you on a rainy day will get wet.
I don't think the two issues are related.

You need to go back and do some simple things to help us help you. First, when you press any of the switches for the windows or the sunroofs do you hear anything? Is it just the front windows or just the rear or some odd combination? It matters. Come back with some more info and I'm sure more people will be able to help you out.
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