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Hi guys and gals, I finally got my video editing hat on and finished a load of things I’ve been working on.

So the premise is to take a standard lr4, do all the required mechanical work to make it a reliable weekend warrior and have a great time with the family. Flip side is that if I need to do this work on a pampered mall crawler then so must a lot of other people, the other thing is I want to be as cost effective as possible. So that leads me to doing most of my own maintenance, in a tiny car port with a driveway on an incline.

So. If I can do this stuff at my place then you with ample space and a nice garage should have no problems.

As we know the crossover between Lr3/4/RRS is significant so it may help out some of you.

Anyway, enough from me. Go check the channel out :)


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