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Pressure Test Confirms External Head Gasket Leak (Coolant)

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Just bought my first LR Discovery the SUV but already confirmed with a pressure test that there is a external head gasket leak with small amounts of coolant coming out. I noticed a few drops on the driveway within a 5 days span.

No milky oil, no misfires, or no overheating is going on but it could be a matter of time... but wanted to ask how long have any of you driven with this type of problem?

Since I just put money into buying one, I was wondering if it would at least get me thru the winter if not longer or is this a mandatory fix?

Just wanted some insight from Discovery owners

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i've had a leak at the back of my engine for over a year now, pretty sure its a head gasket. just haven't had the time to fix it yet. getting ready to though.. looses about a inch a day to a inch a week. it fluctuates. I've put 12k miles on it since i've first noticed the leak.

every situation is different. i would probably take care of it sooner than later. would hate for you to loose an engine.

I'm about to order the rebuild kit with the bolts any day now. already bought a torque wrench just for this job
yeah mine leaks from the left front head...wondering if it just needs to be retorched? did you ever try that or are you pretty sure its the head gasket that needs replacing?

did you overheat with yours? no overheating with mine...

try k-seal or bars head gasket seal?

i know its probably all temporary for now and it needs to get replaced...just weighing in on some other options...i am going to start out retorching it and do a pressure test first..
i havent put any stop leaks in. i got as far as the valley gasket and replaced that. thats pretty much all i have tried to fix it. it leaks from back passenger side. im not 100% sure its the head gasket. just going on what ive read on the forums. and she does have 177k miles on her.

Hope to tear it down next week and fix the leak.

the kit with the bolts is around $120 - $150. not to bad of a price.

only thing is its a pain in the arse. lol
Putting this job off is an almost certain way to guarantee you will be replacing the engine.

There is a very short window between seeping and engine replacement.

I have headsets in stock with bolts, upper plenum gasket and the heater feed O-ring for $205 delivered.
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