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I got my 94 Classic 3.9 in June and have had a ton O' problem since.

I need ideas on where to check next!

Currently it will start, but as soon as throttle is applied it will sputter. If you can play with the throttle you can get it up to speed, but soon as vehicle slows to stop it will die. It will idle but only just after starting and only in neutral or park.

Since I got it I replaced:
All fluids & filters
Cap & Rotor
Base plate and pickup
Amplifier Module (remote style)
Fuel temp. sensor
Coolant temp. sensor
fuel filter
stepper motor (idle air bypass)
Oxygen sensors
Flame trap
MAF sensor
complete brake job
air filter

So the only thing I think it could be is blown head gasket, and I have'nt checked the Fuel pressure regulator.

ANY IDEAS???????????????

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There are five areas I can think of that could be considered. Air, fuel, spark, exhaust, and control/measure.

It sounds like not getting enough fuel. I think I have read in this forum a problem with fuel pump going bad. Get pressure.

After that maybe examine catalytic convertor. I would try removing it.

You also did not say anything about OBD codes (re; check engine light).

Oh yea, did condition start suddenly or was there deterioration over time ?
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