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The foul smelling, slow and noisy beast (S11a diesel) is grinding towards the dreaded MOT and enjoying the annual round of gratuitous spending.

I have posted questions and splendid fellows have provided answers, or rather pointers as to how to resolve the problems. :clap:

I like original Land Rover wheels which limits tyre choice but, newly blasted and powder coated LWB rims now support a set of Camac mud tyres. Cheap as chips but so far, sufficient. My god the ride quality is so good compared to 750 remoulds!!!

Visited new territory venturing into the front hubs to stop the oil leak. No tech info on FW hubs made it exciting. I have the Fairy hubs held on by the cable tie thingy. Quite a surprise when you are not expecting it. :eek:

New seal and paper gasket and job done, with no leaks so far.

Last years' welding frenzy is holding up so only the oily front brake shoes to replace (dammit, theyre only a few years old :mad: )

So another year of fun becons.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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