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very disco
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hey everybody

i have a warn m8000 winch on my disco, but i am seriously contemplating moving to hydraulic.

for those of you who may choose to argue the merits of the electric winch, here's why:
duty cycle is garbage on electric winches
electric winches are super slow
electric winches with auto-brake are not suitable for hoisting (worm drive works, but is even slower)
in summation, i would like to be able to use my winch for as long as i like, and for reverse hill descent.

i see there are ACE and power steering PTO systems available, but i know that the LT230SE diff has a PTO port for installing a dedicated hydraulic pump.

i have heard anecdotes about floorpan modification being required on a D2

does anybody have any direct experience mating a hydraulic PTO pump to an LT230 on a discovery 2?
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