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question on front axle

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i have a question on front axle i took apart the driver side hub assembly and about a cup of gear oil came out of the knuckle part. when i put it back together do i have to add gear oil back to it or does it get oil from the diff? it looks like there is a plug to take out to add some...
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One Shot Baby!!

Grease packs are called " One Shot" basically one tube per side. The cost about $8.00 each, and are a heavy weight grease as opposed to the Oil that originally came with these cars. The grease stays put, where as the oil was notorious for leaking out and leaving you with a cracked CV. The old addage applys here.. IF IT AINT LEAKING.. ITS EMPTY!!

PS MOTO ONE is a close friend of mine and I wish i knew HALF of what he does!
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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