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I've purchased a TerraFirma coil conversion / lift for my P38. I want to add additional 1" aluminum spacers, however, the only way to do this is to remove the pressed-in studs from the aluminum spring perches and replace them with longer ones. I have a few questions on how to best accomplish this:

1] I understand that splined studs are pressed in a round hole, and the splines cut their own grooves. Do I need a hydraulic press to knock them out, or can i do it in a vice with a hammer?

2] Upon replacing, how exactly do I purchase the correct size? Will any stud of the needed length that "fits" suffice?

3] These studs really aren't like wheel studs; they are actually splined hex head bolts, where the head sits in a recess in the spring perch. I've never seen these before. Is this a special type of stud? Can I just use a suitable wheel stud? Or could I not just knock out the studs and use longer bolts to accommodate the spacer?

I can post photos if that helps.

Thanks in advance for all of your assistance.
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