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Hi All: Some months back I had to lay up my '95 LWB due to air leaks on all four bags. Being retired, I had to purchase the replacement 4 bags over a few months. I also suspected that the air compressor was on its last legs too.

I have replaced the four old air bags and have now removed the panel box containing the compressor, air dryer and valve block located under the mid passenger side, and I'm now working on preparing it for the road again.

I have a good compressor and a new air Dryer. However, and here is my [I]dilemma: I have found that the pressure switch which is green and located on the underside of the valve block, has been disconnected electrically from wherever it had been connected. I suspect it was into one of the three multi-connectors located within the panel.
I cannot see any missing or open pin positions on the connectors. This has brought things to a standstill as without the protection of a high pressure switch, I fear the compressor will not know when to cut out. If I rely on the thermal cutout that is not good.

Can anyone offer me any guidance please on the specific connector that the two pins from the valve block pressure switch should be located?

I have no intention of converting the suspension to non-air. I did this some years ago on a '99 and have always regretted it.

Any help would be sincerely appreciated. Thanks and have a great Summer (and Winter for those of you located in the Southern hemisphere!).

Best to all, John
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