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Hey Guys,
Just got a 2003 SE disco and i am thinking about adding a few things. Specifically, i was wondering what type of roof rack in best for an 03? I was looking a Roversnorth and they have several kinds. Also, what are the advantages of the Hella 500s vs 2000s,3000s and 4000s. They would be mounted on my brush gaurd. Where is the best place to buy? Advice on other basic upgrades is also welcome.
Thanks for the help

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Are you looking to take your Disco off-road & build it up as a wheeling vehicle, or are you mostly street? ie: what % off-road vs. on-road driving. This really determines which updgrades/mods best suit your needs/wants.

As far as racks, IMO Safety Devices is the only way to go. The Hella 2000s-4000s are the same size,,,which is to say one size up from the 500's which I think look too small on a bull bar. I kind of like the look of those cat's eye lights up on the rack, or on a light bar,,,,something different.

As far as off-road mods:

As far as street mods, I like 22" spinners :D :drink1:
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