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Hello, I just wanted to say hi and what a great forum. Friendly and informative. :wave:

I have just brought my first 4WD and it is a 5Door '95 Discovery V8i Auto, with 170k on the clock.
Had it about a month now get about 400k/80litres. Approx 12.5mpg urban driving. I love it. Problem is trying to get my girlfriend out of it as she loves it as much. :dunno:

Some tips/ideas I have found in this forum have been great. Loved the one about using 3rd to drive around urban areas. Love the extra peep. :clap:

I used the forums to try and sort out some problems I'm having and wanted to throw open a couple of questions for general reply.

Mechanic said to me the vehicle was in great shape. He was shocked as he said he wasn't expecting much from his experience with Land Rovers. "They have custome made oil leaks".

1. He told me to keep an I on oil levels weekly, so I have.
I checked the trannie oil idling when cold as it states on the dipstick and the dipstick was dry. Took it to the mechanic and he checked it while it was hot and idling and the level was normal.
When is the best time to check the trannie oil? Hot or cold and what are good levels?

2. Used the forums to diagnose the Cruise control not working. Fixed the broken vacuum pipe in the engine and now get a clicking sound when I press the "RES" button. The click sounds like it is coming from just below the electric window switches. Sort of sounds like a relay clicking on and off. Any ideas?

3. I run on unleaded, but we have 91oct and 98oct unleaded. Does the Disco V8i like either one of those better? Is either better for the engine.

4. When doing a bit of lead footing around town, only to appreciate that nice V8 sound :buttrock: , I have had the Trannie oil light come on. I hit the open road and crank on the heater for a minute or two and it goes off. Should I be worried?

Any replies would be great.

Newest Disco convertee :drive:
Melbourne, Australia

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Hey Wayne, Welcome to the fam bud :wave:

Good thing about your woman lovig the truck as much as you do is that she probably won't mind you makin mods to it :D

In regards to question...

2 - The Cruise Control ECUs on D1s are known for goin haywire, so the relay-clicking sound you're hearing could be a sign of yours going kapoot soon..I dont know for sure though, someone else will come in shortly and correct me

3 - I would stick to the 91 as 98 would be a bit of an overkill for compression.

As for checkin for levels, I usually do it when cold and add/drain accordingly.

In regards to lights on the dash, I wouldn't be TOO worried as Discos are known for having all sorts of Electrical demonds, some serious, some just plain insignificant.

Hope I was of any help to ya bud. Once again welcome to the fam :wave:

PS. My girlfriend and I were talking about going to Austrailia for our honeymoon after getting married some time from now. :D Maybe we could meet up and go wheelin ( I hope I can rent something nearly as capable as a Landy for my stay )

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I my teens, women also had trouble getting out of my car..........that's because I removed all the internal door handles on the passenger side. :D
Welcome aboard whunt2000, it's good to have another Aussie on the forum. :wave:
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