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Quick run through the mud (pictures)

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I think the kids from Windham go to Salem now. When I was there they were adding another floor onto the voc. building but no real indoor athletic facilities to speak of. I checked out the web site and a few teachers we had are still there.
Brad Ek was the headmaster and his daughter was one year (or two) ahead of me. Does the school still have a KILLER football team? I think we were division one class L champs for like nine years. :buttrock: :buttrock:
Oh yeah, you BETTER be a member of the Mogul Monsters. :clap:
haha. mogul monsters is the best. i went on a few trips this year, but next year I plan on going on every one.

Mr. Ek retired last year from headmaster. Now we have this old hag Mrs. Anderson. They split the job up into two now, Headmaster and Principal.

As for football, not too sure. I know it's definitely pretty good. I don't follow it as much as I probably should. A few of my friends are on the team. Our boy's lacrosse team is really good. They blew it this year though. They lost the championship game pretty badly. A few of the better players were kicked off the weekend before for drinking. :mad:

They've added on a few buildings since you've left. Science building and the new Arts and Humanities building. Both are gigantic and beautiful inside.
:buttrock: I have been looking at these pix all day! I am so jealous!! My 4 yr old wants to go!! I am a tad nervous about doing all of that wading just yet. Do you have to do anything fancy before you you wade? How much water can a disco handle?
if you want to do any serious wading, you need to take precautions, but anything around your sills you're all set. You don't need to worry about anything. It's quite fun!
what kind of precautions should you take before driving through water? i have a 95 disco lifted 3" on 33's, my buddy has alot of land w/ a bunch of mud/water pits and trails, i'm sure some of them will come upto lower-midway up the doors.
well the major one is a snorkel on your intake. Then there's waterproofing your distributor and the rest of the ignition system. Axle breathers, then if you really plan on spending some time in the water, an exhaust snorkel is a good idea.
dont forget to check the weather stripping for leaks before u get into water..and also check that all the plugs in the fire wall and floor are in place...or else be prepared to ruin everything inside.. i.e. including the ecu
21 - 28 of 28 Posts
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