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Quit while driving in warm weather

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Had my 2000 d-2 for about 6 months now and all has been good, major service and rear hubs with sensors replaced to address 3 amigos problem, all else is good except a small crack on the drivers side catalytic converter setting a code related to cat. Efficiency ( comparison of upstream and downstream o2 sensors) but all else good.
On Friday our weather was quite warm ( near 30c/ 90f) and I had been running errands all afternoon. I had to pickup a trailer for our local Boy Scout troop and move it about a 15 minute drive away from where I picked it up. This was my first time pulling a trailer and it is fairly heavy ( aprox 3500 lbs) after about 10 minutes driving I was travelling at aprox. 40 mph / 70kph and the engine suddenly shut off/ stalled. I coasted to the shoulder and tried to restart. No warning lights and sranked over fine. I checked the basics the best I could at the side of the road, no faults found. It did NOT overheat but was quite warm. After waiting about 10 minutes it started right up as if nothing had ever happened. I completed my trip and delivered the trailer. I shut the engine off and minutes later it again did not start, waited 10 minutes and it started again. Same thing happened at home. The truck sat overnight and was fine in the morning and has been ever since although it has only seen short trips since.
I'm thinking ignition module.?
Anyone had similar experience or have any general advice?
I am an auto technician:confused:confused:confused
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Bad crank sensor, read one of the current threads posted by another person yesterday.
Pretty common Rover issue, glad it worked out.
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