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I'm looking into building a chopped topped bob-tailed discovery with coil-over conversions, custom roll cage that mirrors the iconic Discovery roof-line, engine upgrades and 38" tires. Obviously there'll be allot of fabrication and money involved. I've done a mock-up of what I'm trying to accomplish on google sketchup and an image of that is attached below.

First off has anyone ever done both a chop-top and bobtail to a D1 (not like a truck cab euro style build) full cage like the picture below.

Second is there a company that sells the necessary suspension geometry parts to do a coil-over setup (I have yet to find a discovery coil-over conversion for dual rate coil-overs at all, I've found one custom coil-over front axle conversion I think on Pirate4x4 but thats it)

Third what can I do to the engine performance? emissions are not an issue cause it'll be a trailer queen. i dont have a problem with making it loud but I'd still like to be able to talk over a CB or talk to my passenger.

What needs to be done in the axle department to run a 38"+ tire? the suspension arms will all be custom fabed and I plan on running a Detroit locker in the rear and a True Track in the front. I also plan on running 15" steel wheels with around 4" of back space.
Do I need to change the gear ratio?
Do I need HD half shafts and prop shafts?
Do I need to re-enforce the axle tube?
Do I need to give up on rover axles all together and go with a Dana 60 setup or a Rockwell?

The advantages I see are one bad A go any where off-road toy, no one else has one so there's that it's pretty darn unique, I'll never worry about a sagging headliner again, better approach and decent angles, better articulation, lighter weight, faster, maximum sexiness, and increased visibility.

I know this is on the extreme side of things, and I might just be crazy but if you can help thanks for letting me pick your brain.


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