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Hello all,

I recently purchased the D I detailed in my signature.

I am a total noob when it comes to working on trucks, but can follow instructions well enough.

Using the list supplied by Disco Mike, as well as the Passport to Service, Service Maintenance Schedules included in my Owners Manual, I am attempting to baseline the truck using the 90k and 97.5k service schedules. The truck has 96.5k miles on it, and has the R380 transmission.

My first question is this:

Both Disco Mike and the Manual refer to replacing transmission fluid and filter. I am having a hard time locating info on replacing the filter. Is this something that needs to be done on the R380? Most of the information regarding transmission filters on the DI refer to automatic transmissions.

Also, when the Manual says "renew manual gearbox oil" is this the same as "replace transmission fluid" or are they separate components of the transmission?


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