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Radiator & cooling help

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My radiator leaking from Top screw. I saw some post about sealing with slow-set JB weld. I did that for temporary fix and ordered a radiator. My 2001 Disco has 60k mileage on. I never had any problem with the cooling system.

I am thinking to replace the water pump, hoses, T-tat, belt. They are all original never been changed. The waterpump bolts look very rusty. I feel i need to replace those will make me feel safer.

anyone recommend getting this water pump?

Has anyone bought parts from here?
Jaguar Parts | Land Rover & Range Rover Parts | British Parts UK

Do you have any recommendation on these parts, brand etc?

Will appreciate any advice. Thanks
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I will assume that you are talking about your Disco, you might be better posting on the Disco forum.

If you have the plastic radiator bleed screw they are known to leak, replace with the brass version.
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