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Help! Help! Help!

Does Anyone Know How To Remove A Radiator From A 99 DISCO 11? Mine Has A Leak And I Need To Repair Or Replace But I Don't Know How To Remove It. Any Advice Would Be Appreciated.



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I should have my repair manual Tuesday if you still need help I can look it up for you and email you how to do it.

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I'm just going by memory, here goes..

drain coolant from lower rad hose
remove coolant hoses
remove oil and transmission cooler lines
unclip fan shroud and push away from rad
remove two top brackets holding rad to body
pull rad up

at least that's how I remember it.

New rad costs around $350 here in the northeast.

Good luck.

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Just to elaborate on what John C has posted:

Drain cooling system.
Remove fan assembly.
Undo the two clips hold the fan cowl.
Disconnect radiator top hoses.
Disconnect four transmission and engine oil cooler connections to the radiator end tanks. Oil spillage will occur when the connections are loosened. Blank off exposed oil connections.
Disconnect transmission oil temperature sensor.
Remove radiator securing brackets from each side.
Remove radiator unit by lifting from its location.
Check the condition of the rubber mounting pads.

When you refit the radiator (if its the old one) clean all unions and apply sealant.
Lubricate new O rings before fitting.
Check radiator sealing strips are securely located.
Ensure that the oil cooler connections are tightened to 30Nm before fitting fan blades and cowl.
Good Luck!
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