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Hey disco people, I put in a new radio head unit a couple of months ago and it just doesn't sound as good as would like. I put in the Pioneer BT/Ipod unit and used the Crutchfield adapter to install. On a scale of one to ten of sounds bad to good, it is about a five. The bass is the main problem. Is my amp working? In a conventional install I wouldn't be getting any sound if the amp was off. I suspect though that the adapter didn't include a wire to turn on and off the amp. I will upgrade the rear subs to a bazooka tube or something, but I need to make sure everything is working. Any help here would be appreciated.

By the way after replacing all the engine seals and rebuilding the injectors this disco is running great. Next month I am going to change out the coils springs for a two inch lift and replace the front bumper.
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