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Radio issue

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Hello everyone !!!! I'm having a very bad radio issue.

Radio #1 - I purchased this radio on eBay and I was able to get the radio code. I then hooked up the radio to my truck ( 1993 range rover county LWB that's missing the brown loom connection) and put the code. No go....problem was I got the radio code for a radio that was switched for another OEM radio.

Radio #2 - got another radio from eBay ( same seller replacement for radio 1) and this time the radio comes on but none of the buttons work

Called the seller to complain and I was told the radio I received both times were for a discovery 1/ '95RRC

Radio #3 - Purchased another EBay radio from a different seller. Description said it was for a 1993 - 1994 RRC. Hooked it up to the truck and nothing whatsoever. No code, no nothing.

Now my questions are:

1. On the back of the radios I've purchased I've noticed that all of them have a long stem pertruding out and is covered by a rubber cap but my original radio does not have it.
Does that mean anything regarding compatibility ?

2. On my loom I have every wire except the brown loom. On a 1993/1994 RRC do I need to connect all three looms in order for my radio to work?
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First, the long stem protruding from the back of the radio is there to help locate the radio inside the dash. It has nothing to do with whether the radio works or not.

Now, as far as the three colored, multipin connectors are concerned, I think I already told you that all three are not used on the '93 and '94 systems. The pink was is used on top and the middle one as well, whichever color is plugged into the bottom is a dummy. You will know instantly whether it's the brown one or the grey one based on whatever you have in your truck now. If you have a grey connector that's wired than the brown one is the dummy. Like I said, I can't remember which of the two, grey or brown was the dummy.

So, it you have the pink and grey multipin connectors plugged into the back of the radio, the CD DIN plug connected and the two antenna wires marked sub and main plugged in the radio should work once the code is entered. If you don't have the sub and main antennas plugged in you definitely won't have the radio working properly.
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Thanks Paul, I trust that with all the radios and the brown multiplug is the dummy....the first radio came on with no issues but the code was not the correct code and at that time I only had the main plugged in, not the sub...the next radio did nothing at all and the last radio also did nothing so now I think that the radios are the ones not faulty and not me....being that one out of three radios turn on then my connecting sequence has to be right..... Now I'm stuck with three radios.
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