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hi i have a 2003 land rover discovery 2 that has a failed radio.
so i went to best buy to buy a pioneer radio and the lady there gave me a harness adapter where two of the brown connectors would go into the adapter and loose wires will come out to connect that to the new radio. according to the diagram on the adapter and this website

Information about Car Radio ISO Wiring Harness Adapters

the brown connector in the image is suppose to be the left and right speaker connections. well i tried hooking everything up with the adapter and it didnt work. so i looked online and saw this car actually has around 12 speakers? and they are all ran by and amp under the seat. so i looked under the seat and found the amp. the amp has one connector where the the speaker wires would go in and then out.

my question is where is the start of the speaker wires going into the amp
and also what is that brown connector for? and where do those wires end up?

what im thinking is just connecting four speakers fl,fr,bl,br to the wires of the brown connector making the adapter work i bought actually work but i cant find both ends of each wires.

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I also have an 03 Disco(with hi-line stereo and cd changer) and have installed a Pioneer head unit What you need to make this work, is the Metra 70-1786 adapter, PAC-SWI for steering wheel control, diversity antenna adapter(if you want to hook up both antenna leads, or just use the large antenna lead and disregard the small one).
The Metra harness adapter takes the line level output from the head unit(RCA) and sends it to the factory amp.
You have to make sure the blue/white wire from the Pioneer is connected to the correct wire to turn on the factory amp and it also turns on the antenna booster.(if this is not connected, you will have no sound).
The factory amp is actually a 5 channel amp and it takes the 4 channels from the head unit and sends sub signal to the rear subs.
If you have cdchanger under the passenger seat, it will not be useable. I removed mine and added mono bloc sub amp and added 10" Pioneer sub (low profile) in the rear.
The result is a great sound system.
If you want the steering wheel controls to work, the PAC-SWI is used and I can help with the wiring.
I researched several hours to find the correct hookup for all the wires and did not have to cut any factory wires to install it all.
I went further, and installed a 2-din dvd player, head rest monitors and wired in the rear headphone jacks to the dual-zone feature on the head unit.


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Follow what joemamma said. Ive done this on a 1999 D2 with the hi line system. Works in a very similar way - for mine the blue wire connected to the blue and white wire to turn on the amps. everything else is factory wiring standard as per the metra site.
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