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Raising rear tire carrier mod

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Raising my rear tire carrier on a d1. Even though we can fit a 265/75r16, I didn't like the idea of running a 265/75 that was rubbing the paint, so I cut some aluminum flat bar to give it a couple mm (d2 has these flat bar spacers). Also drilled the holes down 11mm on the carrier to give the tire some breathing room from the bumper. Didn't need much space as the tire fit but really close. Will finish it later today

Tools and items needed:
Ruler/tape measure
Drill (or drill press if you have access) with bits as large as 1cm or 3/8"
Bench vise
3lb hammer
1x1/8x36" aluminum flat bar from any hardware store
(2) sets of 1/2" or 13mm sized sockets to remove tire carrier
27mm for the spare tire
Screw drivers for removing interior pieces

PRE 1. Start with a tall pint of your favorite (non alcoholic if you're working or if you're in 12 step hah). And I assume that you know how to remove the carrier and tail gate interior parts. All my nuts and bolts were 1/2" or 13mm sized sockets.
1. Measure and mark where you want to drill for additional clearance on carrier holes. I chose 11mm from the edge of the original. Enough space to drill and mount with washers without interrupting the frame design too much.
2. The corner for the bottom hole will likely have to be flattened with a hammer or slotted to allow the use of washers with your bolts. I chose a 5lb to do the dirty work.
3. Drill slow and work your way to a 3/8" bit for all six holes. Use dremel to clean up sharp edges.
3a. Good time to refill. Don't forget to hydrate!
4. Roughly, measure and cut flat bar 8-9" in length. Transfer hole measurements to the aluminum flat bar. Test fit against tail gate door to see if your bar week fit flat against the trunk's face.
5. Drill aluminum to 3/8" hole specs as measured.
6. Test fit and you might notice the wiper arm in contact with your raised carrier. Mark and dremel to fit.
7. Mask and paint all exposed surfaces. Even though aluminum won't rust, natural oxidation doesn't look cool.
8. Bolt everything back in place. Crack open another frosty one.

I'll post more pictures but I've been doing this lunch break at work so I'll update this in case your interested.

Flat aluminum spacers

Need to grind the left edge to clear the wiper

Painted and installed

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Nice job.

My solution was to do this and it adds functionality to the mod. The mount is from Rotopax for Jeeps, and you just have to mod the bolt holes. It goes under the wheel spacing it out from the door and has an added benefit. Or if you're creative, make one yourself. I found it enough of a challenge to mod an existing unit. They're $60 from Rotopax.

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