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Howdy all - I have a shop in Portland, OR and have been importing proper Land Rover tdi diesel engine kits for Range Rover Classics and Discoveries for a while now. I also import the odd Defender 90/110. The engine kits seem to be my most popular item and kits are direct fit for Classics and D1s, and include EVERYTHING you will need to go from gasoline to diesel and automatic to 5-speed at the same time. I can get auto gearbox kits as well. I also perform the conversions here at my shop for those of you who may like to drop your truck off and pick it up converted.

I sell the 'old' gasoline engines and transmissions cheap - If you need a 3.9 , 4.2 or 4.0 let me know, engines are about $500 each, complete as pull outs.

I have a lot of pictures and updates of my current stock as well as pictures of projects, completed trucks, and even have started a 'How To' article for selecting diesel engines and performing the conversion yourself here :

Laughs And Lashings: Instructions : HOW TO CONVERT YOUR LAND/ RANGE ROVER from gasoline to diesel, automatic to 5-speed manual transmission

Engine kits start at $3500 - You can message me directly at [email protected] with any questions and please include your phone # for a fast response. Thanks!


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