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This is a used set of five (5) 18 inch 5 spoke Mondial style wheels that have been on my 1998 Range Rover since it was sold new. I have recently replaced my wheels with a set of wheels I bought from a Discovery II owner. These wheels will fit all 1995-2002 Land Rover Range Rover P38s and all Land Rover Discovery Series II models (but will NOT fit the Discovery Series I). The wheels come with 4 Land Rover colored center caps (I am selling all five wheels and four center caps for less than a single wheel and center caps at the dealer). All the wheels can be balanced and hold air fine, but the wheel without a center cap (that I was using as a spare) has a small dent in it. The dented wheel was on the vehicle for a month after I bought it and I only moved it to the spare area since it didn't look as good. The wheels are in better than average shape (I just waxed them), but like almost every set of Mondial wheels I have seen there is a build up of black brake dust deep in the wheels (that is hard to see unless you look closely).

I just put these on eBay (Item number: 7947093311) at a starting price of $399 THAT INCLUDES SHIPPING in the lower 49 states.
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