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Hi there, i'm new here, so, hello to you all!

I receintly bought a rrs 2006, and want to install an easy aftermarket wireless backupcamera. The signal will be pickud up by my iPhone with an app. What I need is a 12 volt in the tailgate, ofcourse I can get a wire from the revearselights, but i don't want to get in that mess. I've allready opened the tailgatecover and see a few wires to the subwoofer, the button to open the tailgate and some wires which detect the gate is closed or not. My question is, is one of these wires a 12 volt wire during the key is in the ignition? If not, where is the closesd wire with a sollid 12 volt, i hope that one is more near then the 12 volt socket which sits at the left of the trunk. I hooe that anyone of you has a electricalwirediagram or knows which wie in the tailgate has a 12 volt during ignitionswitch is on. Thanks by advance!

The Netherlands :wave:
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