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Hi to all here

big compliments,is a very nice forum here!!

i am living in switzerland and a big fan of Land Rover.

after 4 Range Rovers,one Freelander and two Discovery i am looking forward to replace my car.
since i seen first pic´s from the new Range Rover Sport i doe have sleepless nights.
now i have a question and hoping to become help here.i search high-resolution digital fotos from the Range Rover Sport,favourite black or others.anyone have links for download or can send pics with e-Mail?

Many thanks and best regards from switzerland


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Welcome!My girlfriend and I were just in Switzerland about 2 months ago. Love it every time I go. Here are some links for you:,GGLD:2004-50,GGLD:en&sa=N&tab=wi

And this next one has hi res pictures you can use for wallpaper on your PC. Probabaly the nicest ones I have seen yet..

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