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I have a Range Rover Sport 2006 with a brake problem that allows air to escape under pressure.
The air coming out is audible (tube on booster from memory, with oil in it). The lack of break is identical to having a car turned off and trying to break, but once the pedal hits the floor the brake booster has to re-boost, the car can be stopped with force but not quickly.

I have had it with a mechanic for a month who is apparently waiting for a $2000 part to come out from England.

I was told by the mechanic who specialises in, but is not the "registered landrover dealer" that the problem is not with the booster but the pump situated in a bastard of a place behind the motor and that it is a problem that has resulted in recalls.

I have both called and emailed landrover asking about the problem and recalls with no reply or return call, is this standard landrover service for an older vehicle?

Would anyone be able to enlighten me here on whether I am being avoided by landrover and whether this problem is correctly diagnosed.

Any comments appreciated.

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I have taken my 2005 LR3 many times to LR never had an issue.
Yes, there is a break recall. But I don't think its for 2006-2009. Go on line and check LR recalls.
Range Rover Sports are basically LR3's with a shrunken Range Rover body on it. Check the recall years for 2006-2009. If it is then just take it to Land Rover. Also check for used parts on Craigslist Los Angeles there is a used LR part shop in the Valley call them up.
Good Luck, keep us posted,
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