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Here is what I have found so far,

Can anyone add to this?

Help with any cross referencing of part numbers and or availability?

I have seen this kit all together for $480. There is NO way these bearings and seals cost THAt much.

My list:

Inner Pinion Bearing Cone NP999685
Inner Pinion Bearing Cup NP939823 BCA Bearings JLM506849 $22.97
Outer Pinion Bearing Cone NP159221 -timken summit racing $29.97
Outer Pinion Bearing Cup NP254157 - timken summit racing $11.97
Carrier Bearings (a) XAB32010XM
Pinion Seal TZB500100
Side Shaft Seal (a) TZB500050
Side Shaft Seal (b) TZB500050
Carrier Bearings (b) XAB32010XM
Crown Wheel & Pinion C329
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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