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Range Rover Sport

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390 bhp
Smaller than Range Rover
LR3 platform
What do you think?
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i think

i think that i might have to get one! Price?
Price not released yet, but it will fall between LR3 and current Range Rover.
Interior quality is up to Range Rover standard, but oddly the driving position is like sitting in a sports saloon.
i like the look of it. i would have to get the petrol one
I think it looks good (apart from the colour-reminds me of an Austin Allegro we had for a while!), and should do well. Nice to know the Disco III still has a proper chassis they can build stuff on.

However, my personal view is that its pretty pointless, however good it it. It's a 5-door, 114-inch wheelbase, road-biased, luxury sports 4x4. Isn't that just a Range Rover? Yes, it's got more power, but surely the proper Rangey is fast enough? I would have thought a 3-door SWB like the original Range Stormer concept would have been better.

Enough negative thinking- if the sales shpiel is accurate, then we've finally got a Land Rover that performs like a sports-saloon on-road, but like a world-beating 4x4 off it. Land Rover seemed to have cracked this with their TerrainResponse, cross-linked IAS etc. It should sell well, especially in the USA, which is where Land Rover really need to get their act together.

Now THAT is a nice looking Rover! I'll have to get one after they have had 4 years to depreciate!

This just screwed up my decision of getting a 2006 Range Rover :cool:
390 HP?? thats it?

You know i have driven a 450HP twin turbo V8 Cayanne and honestly i was not all that impressed with its power. It seemed to have as much seat of your pants power as an Audi A8 with 300 HP. It must be a really heavy rig. As far as power to the Rovers. As an American I have always thought that Rovers were underpowered, but I am a speed freak, and having the oportunity to drive Ferraris and 996 twin turbos as well as a week in an S6 wagon has probably spoiled me. But getting back to this new Rover. Why don't they put a few turbos on it and really puts some power into it. You know how many they could sell to NFL and NBA players alone? If its going to be basically a street only SUV, then have the air suspension to lower it for the look, put the 24 inch wheels on it, and put a barn bustin 500 HP turbo V10 in the sukkah! Better yet put a Turbo V12 in there and BLOW EVERYTHING AWAY!

My 2 cents your views may vary
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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