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I have been on here and have read some stories of other rover owners having this same problem.. I had my battery go dead and boosted it with another vehicle.. I know I know its not a good idea( its A 2003 RANGE ROVER LR3) to boost that way but I had no choice. So now the wipers , interior lights when door opens , tail gate and the lock and unlocking feature of the vehicle does not respond. I checked all the fuses , all GOOD. took the cables off and let it sit then attached them again and still the same problem. The hard restart did no justice ..
I heard of it corrupting the BCM and what not ,, butttttttt has anyone has this problem and got it fixed... what bcm is it or how did you fix the problem ... I read lots of ways to test different things, but no one has actually said, I replaced this and it was all repaired again to normal working order,, thanks for all your help, cheers

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