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I don't think there's any rumour of a V8 diesel (Jaguar doesn't have such an engine).

The probability is that the Range Rover will get the 2.7-litre ex-Jaguar V6 diesel used in the Discovery 3 / LR3/ Range Rover Sport sometime soon.

The current Td6 is a BMW engine from when BMW owned LR. The BMW engines were expensive for Ford to buy from Germany and spares were equally expensive. The new 4.2S/4.4 V8s are Jaguar/Ford engines, so it seems logical that the Range Rover will get a Ford-group diesel some time soon, along with the Defender.

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whato said:
I Was Reading In A Magazine/paper That Rangr Rover May Be Comming Out With A V8 Diesel (ex Jaguar Diesel).can Someone Tell Me If This Is True And If So When ?
It looks like it will have the tdv6 not a V8 fitted
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