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Hi there,

I have a legal (pressed!! not burned !!) CD.
But nothing happens when I start it.
(OK, I can't set autostart from CD on due I have no rights on this computer- >> forbidden; )

It is a really old CD from 2005 (with programs from 2001, too)

Starting TData.exe alone does nothing.

But it opens the Acrobat Reader 4.0 when I set the Clock to May 2000 (trick which I found via google).
And shows ... nothing - no welcome.pdf.
Acrobat does nothing more and does not open anything.

In the folder
"MG Rave Tutorial" I find
rave_tut.exe and it shows the Acrobat Reader 4 - and what I could do with this CD.
But this is the only program that runs properly.

Does one know what I can do?

I am running Win8.0 64 Bit.

Many Thanks
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