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re con over drives

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hi i m looking for some one doing recon over drives for ser 2a re my post about diffs below can any body give me some site a new one is out of budget at the moment too many bits to buy and one tough bank manager look under wife in the dictionary for explanation :dunno:
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I've been told on many occasions not to go with the diff upgrade. The overdrive option is always better as you keep your lower gearing for when you need it.

I got my overdrive off ebay. If you can take your time and find a really good one. It'll cost more at first but should be better over all. If you can find one still in a vehicle and check it doesn't whine too much when ingaged.

I got one cheep without testing it and it whines quiet a bit, but still less noise than without it.

1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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