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Real World DII Curb Weight

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In case anybody was wondering(because I couldnt find this info anywhere and Land Rover is vague about it, 4200-4900lbs.), a 2004 Land Rover Discovery SE7 weighs...


Please consider the following for subtraction or addition to the above figure...

I was not in it.
My coolant reservoir was half full
My gas tank was 3/4 full
I have a standard Voyager roof rack
I have 265/75/16 Treadwright Max Trax Tires and spare
I have Atlantic British 3030 rims and spare
I have Terrafirma medium load springs all around
I have an OEM rear ladder

I have a 4 channel audio amp added under seat
I had my Kel-Tec P32 in the truck
I have the OEM manual folder with my registration and insurance but not the manual
I have ~7 small ratchet straps
I have ~5 bungee cords
I have 2 small car sized phone books and 1 standard size phone book
I have a short, full roll of stretch wrap with the handle and spool
I have the OEM rubber floor mats and an extra(I dont have the cargo area mat)
I have semi truck style coiled trailer connector
I have the tow package
I have a stainless hitch
I have a notebook sized emergency kit
I have a Bednet Original in large
I have a cheap set of jumper cables
I have a pen and notepad in the console and various clips, screws and trim pieces that fell out of my POS Disco.
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Your truck sounds like its set up very well. I have a question for you about the medium springs. Do you ever wish that you had the HD springs when you get loaded up? BTW, the only thing that I might add to your list is ammo to run your kel-tec.:D
Sorry to respond like a year later but to answer your question...YES! Yes, yes and yes. Im actually posting my problem with the medium springs in a thread right now. Its not mentioned in my thread but whenever I hook up any load to my truck like my utility trailer or my boat, I get major sag. I should have got the Terrafirma Heavy Duties at least in the rear but I was afraid it was going to lift too high and cause me driveline problems. Apparently, that wouldnt have been the case.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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