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Rear Axle Not Aligned

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To my dismay, when I went to get aligned (don't worry, I amped out in their garage during the whole thing) on the 4 wheel rack, My rear axle alignment is off by 1/2 a degree.

I talked at length with the guy about it and he said that to adjust the front would be straight guessing without the rear being on.

I was thinking worn bushings?

Ideas, experience?
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Good possibility of a warn trailing arm bushing.
I don't think it is the watts linkage. How does the truck drive, how about rear tire wear? Don't attempt to replace the trailing arm bushings unless you have a 12 ton, press.
There is no alignment you can do to correct this problem, have you gone under the truck and looked at all the bushings closely?
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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