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Rear cluster connector p/n

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I developed a problem on my 03 disco 2 where the yellow direction indicator light on the LHS rear light cluster doesn't work and causes the indicator light circuit to flash twice as fast. I tried changing the bulb out but it didn't fix it, then i disconnected the rear light cluster and saw some light blue corrosion inside the one female connector (and on the male pin that fits into it). I tried to clean the male connectors by lightly sanding and i sprayed WD40 in the female part of the connector. Didn't work

I've spent the rest of the afternoon trying to track down the connector part number that's used to connect the rear cluster so I can order a new one and see if that solves it, no luck there.

Anyone have the connector part number or equivalent I could use? Or any other troubleshooting tips? I checked the hazard lights and they work but flash twice as fast, and of course the LHS rear cluster indicator light still doesn't work.

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