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Rear Cup Holder

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The cup holder fitted into the rear seat arm rest has stuck out and I want to see if its repairable. Can anyone help on how I can remove it from the arm rest. Any help is much appreciated.
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I believe all you have to do is "pull" it out. I did mine a while ago, and I seem to remember it requiring a bit of effort, but it did come right out.
- Bill
i kinda have the same problem but mine is stuck in and wont move and since the way to get it out is to push it in and it pops out but it is pushed in and wont pop back out anybody know how to get it out if there it nothing to grab on to to get it out and i would not like to start prying on it with a screw driver
nate, having the same problem myself....
ya i dont let people drink in my car anyways but it bugs the crap out of me that it doesnt work
Theres an old saying: if it's stuck force it, if it breaks, it needed replacing anyway.

nuff said.
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Mine did that and I got a couple small knives and pried it open. Had to reset the pin that pushes it out. Works like new now.
redronin, i'm taking your advice
Mine did that and I got a couple small knives and pried it open. Had to reset the pin that pushes it out. Works like new now.
Do you mean you used the knives to prise out the assembly or open the door?
Ok I have now done it.
If anyones interested heres how.

1. Gently prise of the cup holder surround using a couple of kitchen knives.
2. There are small slots either side of the inner assembly. Push a hacksaw blade into each slot to release the two spring clips retaining the assembly.
3. Pull out the cup holder assembly complete.

Fortunately for me nothing was broken only the spring lever had come out of place.
Takes less than five minutes
Okay, I realize this is a 5-year-old thread, but I just did my rear cupholder and I believe some more info on how to do it (in addition to what John mentioned) will help others, in case they find themselves in this situation.

Here you go:

1. For me, it was best to remove the whole armrest in order to be able to work with the cupholder comfortably. To do that, undo 2 outer and 2 inner screws (all torx 30). For the inner ones, you will need a low clearance mini ratchet (push away the sides of the back of the seats and fit it in!). In retrospective (i.e. knowing how the thing works), there is no need to remove the armrest.
2. Remove the rectangular surround trim by gently prying it out, as John said. The surround is secured by 4 plastic clips: 2 on the top and 2 on the bottom, around 1 inch (2.5 cm) from the sides. Preferably use a plastic pry tool and apply pressure at these points towards the center of the cup holder to release the clips (i.e. push down to release the top clips and push up to release the bottom clips).
3. Now you can manually pull the cup holder out. Use a flashlight to take a peak inside.
4. There are two metal clips on either side that retain the cupholder (the housing assembly cannot be removed), and a golden spring inside that provides the open/close function. The problem (usually) is that the spring has gone out of place.
5. Insert a thin metal blade (e.g. hacksaw or knife) in one side slot (from the outer side, in between the plastic and the metal clip). Push down until you hear a click, indicating the clip is released.
6. While keeping the first blade in place, insert a second blade into the other side slot and follow the same procedure.
7. Pull the cupholder out with one firm movement. If you don’t make it the first time, repeat.
8. Use mini long nose pliers (or your fingers if they fit) to seat the spring on the black plastic stud which is located at the bottom rear left corner (assuming you look at the assembly normally from the front). The short spring leg goes down, under a small lip at the side of the assembly, whereas the long leg goes up, and should be pushed behind the little central plastic movable stud (move the stud to the left with your fingers and then push the spring leg slightly up and behind the stud).
9. Notice on the rear right corner of the cupholder a plastic piece with a little hole in the middle and a small horizontal V-like protrusion. The hole is irrelevant, but the long spring leg needs to be fitted inside the V-like protrusion.
10. Slowly insert the cupholder into the assembly and make sure as you push it in that the long spring leg goes in between the V-like protrusion.
11. Push all the way to lock the cupholder. Test functionality.
12. Put back the surround trim carefully. Do one side (top/bottom) at a time. Position the 2 plastic clips and use a knife to squeeze the assembly towards the center so that you open up the holes a bit to allow for positioning the trim clips. Repeat for the other side. When all 4 clips are in place, push the surround trim to lock the clips.
13. Reattach the armrest if you took it out. Screw the outer screws first to provide support and then the inner ones.
14. There you have it: like new!



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I know this is an old post but i am.wondering if anyone knows if i can replace just the plastic cup holder section without replacing the entire seat up right?
Yes the cup holder is replaceable.
There are little clips that hold the cartridge assembly into the armrest
Read this thread in detail and you will learn how to remove it
Good luck
Hello gents, just want to update this thorough thread.
Pull the cup holder part out and be gentle as possible, so work it out firmly. There’s a tension spring that slid off the moveable retainer. Just push the tension spring(not a spring but just a metal tension arm) behind the retainer and then reinsert your cup holder. 1 minute fix.
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