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Alright so I couldn't find anythreads on this so here I am making this.
This is the replacement procedure for the rear door latch as well as in instructional for removing the inner door panels. This will also show you how to remove the window regulator/motor assembly.

Condition: inner or outer handle does not open door, when locked with key fob all doors lock except subject door, or door will not unlock.

In this case I'm about to show you all locked but the door we are working on.

Tools required:
#2 Phillips head screwdriver
Short flathead screwdriver
Long Flathead screwdriver
T20 bit and driver
T30 bit and driver
10 mm socket and driver or wrench
Door panel removal tool
Door glass release tool
Suction cup
Small pick

So first thing is first roll the window down about a third of the way on the door you will be replacing the latch on.
Now you can begin removing the door panel.
See pictures attached.
There is one screw under a cover behind the door lever.
There are 4 screws behind the chrome covers around the door handle. To remove these insert screwdriver as shown and pull straight back to release bottom clip then grab the top and pull back to release the top. There is also 2 screws at the bottom of the door panel. Don't forget to remove the lower light and release the connector. Now pop all the clips out with your screwdriver or trim removal tool (locations are shown in pictures).
Now disconnect the electrical connectors to the tweeter, power window switch, door lock, control box, and disconnect the cable to the handle. Now the door panel is off.

Now disconnect the connect the plug to the door speaker and take out the 4 t20 screws. You will need to pry off the speaker as it has adhesive backing.
Now use your light to look inside to see the white clip that holds the window. Insert your screwdriver in the clip push the tab with your thumb and pull straight up to release the window glass. Use a suction cup or duct tape to hold it all the way up.

Now release the connector to the window motor and take out the 6 10 mm bolts around it. Push the black window motor housing in and down so it's out of the way. If replacing it then simply remove it and replace it.

Now push the door cable gromet in so it is free from the door.

Take out the 3 T30 screws to the latch.

Remove the bottom electrical connector to the latch. Reach inside and pull the latch down and look thought the latch hole to see the cable for the outer handle attached to the latch. Use your screwdriver to pry it out of the clip as pictured then turn 90 degrees to release cable from latch.

Pull latch all the way down to where the window regulator sits and release top connector on the latch. Remove latch assembly with inner door cable attached still. Pop the clip on the cable to the latch with the pick or screwdriver and turn 45 degrees to release cable from latch.

Simply follow the steps in reverse order to install new latch!

Notes: Have patience as re connecting the outer door handle cable to the new latch is very tedious.
This job may take up to 2 hours depending on experience level

Hope this was helpful!


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