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Still trying to snow this morning, but I had the replacement propshaft all ready to swap out, so I got out there and pulled the old one off and had a look at it.

Nothing jumps out when you look at it, the U/J is slacker than new, but grease is through all journals and it is smooth enough.

While doing this job, I was reminded about the 'thick rubber donuts' issue, which may or may not have been mentioned before.

GKN make these drive couplings at their factory in Germany, but they make thousands a day of many different types, and one bright spark was selling what looked like a Disco donut on ebay, so I bought a couple. They looked genuine, had the GKN trademark etc etc.

When I recieved them, it was obvious that they were a fair bit different, most importantly they were something like 5mm or so thicker, and generally more chunky.

There are no big issues with fitting, BUT: The bolts are too short to engage the locking portion of the nuts fully if you use this coupling.

Apologies for highlighting in red, but there is a safety issue involved which does need bringing up in front of people who are likely to use it.

If the bolts are changed from M12 X 65 to M12 X 70 then there is no problem in using this thicker coupling. Or use the standard LR part in the first place.

I've had this one on the car for about 5000 miles with no problems, it looks good with no cracking anywhere.

249782 is the number of the original Land Rover part, 248537 is the number on the thicker part.

Pictures below.



I decided to do the front one as well, so after we fed the nags I got that off and swapped it for the replacement. No problems, bolts are VERY tight! Possibly first time they've been off.

Greased up the replacement, including removing the spline greaser blanking plug and shooting a load of new grease in, after which I replaced to the plug to keep the balance of the shaft.

Front two joints are non-greaseable, but I have a few tens of thousands of miles on the nearly new replacement, during which I can rebuild the two spare front shafts.
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